Airport cafes and eating joints aren’t really very appealing to the average traveller, considering that their footfall consists of those in transit and with very little time. Specifically in airports in smaller towns where the traffic remains quite low, the quality of food and the ambiance of the restaurant takes a back seat. But we’re just generalising here, and there are exceptions to this rule.

Here’s the Bagdogra Airport Restaurant that has gotten people all over the country talking about it.

If you’re on your way from any of the major metro city airports in the country towards Darjeeling, Gangtok, Kalimpong or pretty much anywhere nearby, you’re going to have to transit through the Bagdogra Airport. In that case, you can count your lucky stars that you get to experience airport dining like never before. 

Visitor’s have sworn by the restaurant’s food, ambiance and even the epic runway view.

If you’re thinking what could possibly be so good about an airport restaurant, what you need is a first hand experience at the Bagdogra Airport Restaurant. Run by the Bagdogra Airport Restaurant Workers Co-operative Society Ltd, the restaurant serves a simple yet elegant East Asian influenced menu, and the traveller buzzing ambiance of an airport cafe.

One of their best dishes, believe it or not, is the Chicken Cutlet, but cooked Bagdogra style.

The menu is deceptively simple, but in reality the food is a spin on all things that might sound regular to the common ear. A slew of nifty little recipes make up the grub on the menu that so many of the restaurant’s diners can’t get enough of. And with a seating of 150 people and a splendid runway view, the restaurant is a surreal fusion of fine dining and cafeteria dining. The restaurant, in fact, usually features in most foodies’ food trails.

Your trip to the restaurant might just also be the only time you get to experience Danny Denzongpa’s beer.

Apart from He-Man 9000, a local mouth-watering beer, you could also sip on some Dansberg – a beer produced by a company that Danny Denzongpa runs. How weirdly cool is that? Thanks to the liberal alcohol laws, the restaurant lets you enjoy an experience few other places in the country can.

With prices that’re easy on the pocket, a staff that’s pleasant and an environment that’ll be a fresh breath of air to most metro city dwellers, the Bagdogra Airport Restaurant is definitely one of the few of its kind.  

Reason ’nuff to get to the airport early. Right?