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This weekend I embarked on a journey like never before! I went to Singapore and back while sitting in my PJ’s at home. Sounds a little too good to be true, right? As a massive travel enthusiast, I like to take visual notes through films and shows set in the destination while planning my trips. And Singapore has been at the top of that list forever. However, most films set in Singapore showcase a list of the most famous tourist spots which are definitely gorgeous. However, I feel these spots are never enough to gauge what the place has to offer for intrepid travellers like me! 

This weekend was different, though. I found the perfect fix I needed by watching ‘Lost and Found in Singapore’, a film that has managed to capture the true essence of what wandering through the vibrant alleys and streets of Singapore is truly like. It has given me a whole new perspective on Singapore.  

Lost and Found In Singapore’ is an interactive film that follows the stories of two protagonists with contrasting personalities. Unlike general films, this story does not flow by itself because it involves viewers in the interactive choices to steer the course of the film. That’s right, you get to choose what happens next in your film (Isn’t that pretty futuristic?!).

The film has two parts (actually many parts but more on that later) one is travelling with Dhruv (Played by Rithvik Dhanjani), who reached Singapore all alone on a solo trip after his friends ditched him. Now before you start thinking about all the cancelled Goa plan memes, there’s also another POV which is Sitara (Played by Apoorva Arora) and her friend’s story, where she’s third-wheeling with her BFF and his new GF. Along the way, you can pick what actions to take, which journey you want to explore in Singapore, and how the story evolves, for yourself. So, it doesn’t just have two parts, it comprises multiple experiences with different outcomes that will hit all your wanderlust cravings! The film takes us through a range of distinctive experiences comprising both iconic Singapore attractions that you’ve probably heard of, and hidden gems that you’ve definitely never heard of. It is nothing short of refreshingly inspiring and will restore the belief that every day in Singapore can turn into an extraordinary experience in the blink of an eye if you make the choice to discover. And even though there are many to pick from, my favourite part is the end of the film, it’s just chef’s kiss perfection, you’ll know why when you get to it. 

Whichever journey you pick, you’re bound to explore mesmerizing streets, discover delicious food, and see futuristic wonders like I did. Trust me, there is electricity, creativity, diversity, passion, nature, and basically a piece of everything that makes the spot worth planning a trip to. Really, this film redefines how we experience Singapore’s hidden and not-so-hidden gems. So if you think Singapore is just the same as that family vacation you did ten years ago? Think again! TBH, Dhruv, and Sitara’s itineraries look super inspiring and are detailed enough for your next Singapore plan to be inspired from or simply be all copied for yourself. Seriously, now I’ll be telling people that I’ve seen Jewel Changi Airport, the Museum of Ice Cream, the super Instagrammable Joo Chiat neighbourhood, and I might also know a spot by the beach with unlimited beer! 

And telling all of you guys anything else would ruin the fun of watching this film for yourself. So I am going to stop and let you explore this film by yourself. And if you’re wondering how…  “Lost and Found in Singapore” is now streaming for free on MX Player since its release on August 25th. Maybe this film will inspire you to discover Singapore on your next vacation, just like it did to me!

Before you head to MX Player to do the honours, check the trailer out here