Travel, it really is the essence of life. Only when you visit places you’ve never been before and meet people you’ve never seen that make you realise that the world is a big, beautiful place. It’s one of those enriching activities which makes you clearly come to terms with the fact that it’s not all about you. It makes you empathetic, it grows you as a person, and it’s rejuvenating in ways that you and I might never realise.

Which is why we bring you these amazing pictures of twenty-five spectacular places, hoping it inspires you to pick up your bags, and leave.

1. Lavender Fields, France

Stretches and stretches of purple, a marvellous sight for sore eyes.

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2. Manarola, Italy

 This simply looks like the most serene place to be.

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3. Caño Cristales, Colombia

You can actually find marvellous colours perpetually flowing.


4. Lake Retba, Senegal

This lake is naturally pink. Called Lac Rose by the locals, it gets its hue from the salina algae present in the water.

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5. Tulip Fields, Holland

Don’t think there’s a colour you wouldn’t find here.

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6. Luoping, China

Mother nature spent some extra time prettying up this place.


7. Valley Of Flowers National Park, India

This is not even far away. Pack up and plan a trip to Uttarakhand. Promise you won’t regret it.

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8. Hitsujiyama Park, Japan

A moss pink you can find almost all over Japan, is a major tourist attraction, and totally worth it!

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9. Lake Natron, Tanzania

Infamous for turning birds to stone, this lake has a very high amount of alkaline in the water, which takes its pH balance to 10.5, something that instantly burns up the living creatures that are not used to it. Yet, it’s beautiful.

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10. Burano, Italy

Hues decorate the streets. Imagine waking up to that everyday!

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11. Menton, France

Isn’t there enough romance in the image to beckon you towards its charm?

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12. The Marble Caves of Lago Carrera, Chile

You’ll probably see the most memorable shades of turquoise here, in this cave.


13. Willemstad, Caribbean

Known as the Amsterdam of the Caribbean, this place bustles with life, and as you can see, colours!


14. Morning Glory Pool, United States

This lake has been likened to a flower more than once, which is where it gets its name. 


15. Dallol, Ethiopia

The volcanic explosions has created craters that look nothing less than a sci-fi movie. But this other worldly place is to be found on planet earth itself.


16. Wroclaw, Poland

If you’re going to Europe, Poland is worth every penny of your visit. You can see why.


17. Cinque Terre , Italy

Italy seems to have no dearth of beauty, if you ask me. 

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18. Five Flower Lake, China

This is not a set for a fairy-tale movie. It’s real and it’s in China. Make that wishlist, and make it soon.

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19. Newfoundland, Canada

The colourful architecture of this place makes it one of the most wonderful cities there is.

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20. Zhangye Danxia, China

Who painted these wonderful colours on them?


21. Nuuk, Greenland

Capped in snow, there is a quaint quality this place takes. Not that it’s any less beautiful otherwise.

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22. Santorini, Greece

The surreal blue hue that surrounds this place will make you never want to leave.

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23. Paradise Island, Bahamas

This is the place you need to save to visit. This is the place that calls for a luxury trip.

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24. Yuanyang County, China

This work of art has been created by rice fields in China.

Susanne Leist

25. Limestone Caves, New Zealand

They get their luminous quality because of the glow worms that constantly reside within.

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There is so much to see, and too little time. Booked that ticket yet?