The ‘always smiling crew’ can make or break your staycation. Yep, we mean the hotel staff. While we leave our feedback for them as soon as we check out, what the staff thinks about you as their guest is often overlooked.

We stumbled upon a Reddit thread where hotel employees discussed the things they wish their guests knew, so just know them already?

1. “Your reviews are seriously listened to.”

– Anonymous 

2. “We know you’re cheating on your wife. I mean don’t get me wrong, we don’t care. But don’t bother making up a backstory when you’re paying in cash 1-2 times a week in the town you live in.”

– JJ23232

3. “I wish people understood how detailed the pay-per-view TV systems are.”

4. “I do not have secret rooms in the back that I keep just for high tier guests. If I’m sold out. I’m sold out.”

5. “I wished more people were considerate to the fact, when I tell you I can’t run up to bring you whatever you’ve called down for because I’m the only person on duty and can’t leave the desk and you’ll need to come down and get it, I’m not being lazy. I’ve got a lot of arrivals, or someone is at the desk checking in/asking a question/buying something from the gift shop, or something ridiculous is going on that I’m taking care of. This doesn’t mean I’ll always say no, but when I do I am actually busy.”

6. “If you have a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door, we technically are not allowed to even knock on your door even if you just called down and asked us to bring you something.”

– Nexhex_

7. “Getting a late check out is a privilege. Housekeeping works so hard so we have to make sure they leave at the time they’re supposed to. I can allow some rooms late check outs but after a certain number I have to cut it off out of respect for my coworkers. First come first serve.”

– sclf

8. “If you ‘have to have an early check in’, that’s nice and I’m happy to do what I can but it all depends on what our occupancy was the night before and if housekeeping has cleaned a room for you. If no one has left and you’re trying to check in at 9am when check out for last night’s guests is 11am and your guaranteed check in time is 3pm, there is literally nothing I can do to help you except to direct you to the lobby restrooms to change.”

– sclf

9. “Housekeeping works their ass off.”

10. “We don’t care what you’re doing unless it’s illegal or annoying.”

11. “I run the bell desk at a hotel on the strip. No one ever goes through your belongings. Ever. Guests blame the bell person because they take their items into the ‘backroom.’ People usually misplace their items and blame my team member who helped them but after looking at surveillance video and seeing nothing out of the ordinary, that usually prompts people to take a closer look and they usually find what they had misplaced.”

12. “We also keep extensive notes on every dickish thing you’ve ever done. Scream at me or my coworker? I’m writing a long ass note in your profile while you’re still yelling at me. Then when you try to spin it in your post-stay survey, I can point my manager to the detailed and objective note I wrote about why you’re an asshole.”

13. “the hotel is full of people who expect to be treated like they are the only person in the universe. If someone is taking a long time to get something done it probably means someone stopped them, there is no reason a hotel employee is going to piss off a guest on purpose because they don’t know how many days they are going to have to deal with you.”

14. “No, we do not store personal info inside your keys! Idiots.”

15. “Employees can see where you work. If you do something terrible, they could contact your employer. Especially if you’re using your employers name for a special rate.”

16. “There is no standard way that all hotels do things, just because another hotel does it that way, doesn’t mean we do. And if the staff are grumpy, its usually because of the way management treat them.”

17. “If you’re an asshole to a hotel employee, there’s a good chance they’re going to go into the back office and talk shit about how rude you were, etc. and the rest of the staff will groan when they see your name pop up on our caller ID for the the rest of your stay.”

– MikeOxbigg 

18. “I wish people would realize we are not trying to make their stay miserable, we are not out to get them. We’re doing whatever we can with the limited means we have. If the boiler is out of hot water because too many people shower, what exactly do you want me to do about it? We get a lot of backpackers here who are generally a bit more laid back than your typical high-end hotel guest but even then, some can be a right pain.”

19. “Those email surveys you get asking how your stay was? At my property every single employee sees them. So please be nice before you say something like ‘the fat bitch who checked me in was rude’ or ‘the gay guy at the bar made my drink too weak’. It’s just rude and puts you on that person’s shit list for the next time you stay.”  

20. “That yes, we care, and yes, we want to help you.

We’re not the bad guys, we’re not out to ruin your trip.”

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