Sometimes while reading about historical events, we come across events that need a tad bit more research to believe. Today I’m bringing you some such events which might sound like they are out of a fiction novel or like they never happened, but trust me, these legit happened, and they will surely blow your mind.

1. We have this random guy to thank for rabbits in Australia

2. The Marathon at the 1904 Olympics was a different league

3. The Dancing Plague of 1518

4. Imagine wandering the streets and seeing Mummies for Sale – Creepy!

5. The fastest Parliamentary decision ever

6. Alexander The Great’s story could be a vaccination ad campaign

7. She regained consciousness when she was back down at 3500m. How scary would that have been?

8. But how did they decide on half a bottle of beer?

9. “Why do you drink so much?” – “To save the country”

10. The fourth deadliest conflict in human history

11. That bear was a hero

12. Imagine a resting heart rate of 200bpm. How did his heart not explode?!

13. 13 people died not from the fire or smoke but from alcohol poisoning they got from drinking the street whiskey

14. Both of these sound like something you’d come across in a novel and irreparably break your suspension of disbelief

15. Try it the next time you’re in trouble

All the information in this article is taken from here.

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