If you are about to leave for Australia after weeks of travel, here are 8 things you should buy as souvenirs to take back home for your loved ones who are patiently waiting for your return. Read on and make your pick.

1. Tim Tam

Tim Tam is a delicious cream sandwich from Arnott’s that you should take back home as a souvenir for your friends. This biscuit is quite a popular snack for many and if you have a bite of it too, you are surely going to crave for more. They come in different flavors so you can try most of them, if not all of it.


2. Penfolds Grange Wine

Australia is home to some of the finest wines and Penfolds Grange is no different. This wine ranks among the top wines in the world. It is known for its deep aroma and intense flavour that is hard to resist for any wine lover. Head to Oxford Street Vintage Cellars if you want to buy a bottle of wine to take back home with you.


3. Ugg Boots

Ugg boots are still a fashion statement and they were first manufactured in the heart of Sydney. These boots are iconic, they look stylish, they are warm and are made from the highest quality of sheep skin. Ugg boots are a staple in most of the households in Sydney, during winters. 


4. Vegemite

You need to acquire a taste for vegemite. It is not necessary that everyone will love it but having said that, it is regarded as an Australian staple which looks a lot like marmite but it has a distinctive taste. So, take a jar of Vegemite back home with you for someone who wouldn’t mind the taste.


5. Tea tree oil 

Australia is known to produce the best oil. This country produces tea tree oil that is often used as a cleaning agent for your body and home. So, don’t miss out on buying a few bottles of tea tree oil to take back home with you from Australia. 


6. Honey

Australia exports honey to a lot of countries overseas as it one of the top 10 honey-producing countries in the world. Many visitors buy fresh, sweet honey from here to take back home not just for culinary consumption but also as a healing agent.


7. Kangaroo Leather

If you want high-quality kangaroo leather items then Sydney is the place to be. You will find carefully crafted wallets, bags and belts made of Kangaroo leather that is famous for its unique cross fibring. This is the strongest type of leather for its weight. So, if want to buy leather goods, head to Harrington Street in Sydney.


8. Opals 

You should know that Australia is known for good quality opal products. The mesmerizing colours of an opal keep changing with the light to reveal new dimensions. You can buy delicate jewelry or a pair of opal studs and earrings that you can gift to someone you treasure in your life. The quality of this gem is superb and they look great too. 


Take some part of Australia back home with you.