If it’s time for you to go back home after having a wonderful time in Sri Lanka, you should probably hit the streets and do some local shopping before it’s too late. I mean, wouldn’t you want to take back souvenirs with you for your family and friends, who are eagerly waiting for your return? If yes, here is a list of items you can purchase in Sri Lanka to gift to your loved ones and yourself. 

1. Raksha Wooden Masks to add a hint of Sri Lankan culture to your decor


2. Gems and Jewellery for someone special


3. Sri Lankan Sari for gifting purposes


4. Stone Art for decorating your living room


5. Ceylon Tea perfect gift for tea lovers


6. Ayurvedic beauty products for healthy, glowing skin 


7. Sri Lankan paintings for revisiting mythological history


8. Cinnamon tree bowls to gift something unique 


What are you going to take back home with you, from Sri Lanka?