Lying on the sides of Southeastern Asia, Vietnam is a tricky country to visit and explore. The country is known for its beaches, bustling cities, and peaceful Buddhist temples. Like an ethical traveler, one must know a bit about the place they are about to visit. We have already mentioned the dos and don’ts when you are Vietnam, here is a list of 8 things you need to know about the country before you decide to pack your bags and fly off to Vietnam. 

1. Vietnam has soo much to offer to its visitors that it takes near 3 weeks to explore all the major tourist attractions of the country in peace. 

2. Now if you are someone who thinks Vietnam is a small Southeast Asia country, get your facts corrected because Vietnam is a massive country with nearly a population of 9.55 crores approximately. 

3. Vietnam has a hot and humid climate so make sure you pack your stuff accordingly. 

4. Vietnam beaches are not the most happening in the world but you can definitely count on their delicious food and amazing hospitality. 

5. The streets of the Old Quarter is the perfect place in Vietnam to shop the local handicrafts. 

6. Traffic is a major problem in Vietnam. Make sure you walk at a slow pace making your route predictable to the other people for a hassle-free clearance. 

7. One thing I really loved when I was Vietnam was the internet speed there. It will hardly leave you disappointed. 

8. Vietnam is probably one of the cheapest countries in Southeast Asia.