One of the Middle East’s most beguiling countries, Oman has a lot to offer to its visitors. The enchanting architecture and eye-pleasing natural beauty of this country make it a popular tourist attraction and an amazing place for people traveling internationally for the first time. With some amazing hospitality ethics and a safe environment for people, Oman also has some interesting facts that if known beforehand can make your experience here a more stupefying one. 

1. Oman is home to some delicious coffee that is prepared with secret spices rather than milk. Omani people usually sip their brew along with dates so make sure you experience it too. 

2. In Oman, finding a bar or an alcohol supplier can be a task as the country has almost no liquor supply. 

3. Being a traditional Muslim country, Oman and its people take their culture and dressing sense pretty seriously. Make sure you always cover yourself top-to-bottom before hitting the streets. 

4. Hotels and homes in Oman are usually scented by the fragrance of frankincense. 

5. Omani hotels sometimes, not always refuse accommodation to couples that aren’t married. So make sure you check the hotel rules before booking it. 

6. In Oman and many other Middle’ Eastern countries, the week starts from Sunday and continues till Thursday. So if a local suggests you visit a place on the weekend, he means Friday or Saturday. 

7. Oman has a population of nearly 4.5 million people, the majority of which are immigrants from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and the Philippines. 

8. The best and easiest way to commute in Oman is by getting a car on rent as taxis and buses are not very famous there.