Thinking of going to Singapore on your next trip? You definitely should! Singapore is a beautiful place. When I was on a trip to Singapore, I fell in love with their delicious food, adventure spots, and friendly and warm people. However, there were some things I wish I knew before I visited the place. Want to know? Read on. 

1. Alcohol is pretty expensive in Singapore and going out for a few drinks there can burden your pocket.

Hangar 12

2. Singapore can get really hot and humid. So when packing, keep yourself a few light and breathable clothes.  


3. You can find some lip-smacking coffee in Singapore’s Hawker Centre. So ditch your precious Starbuck store while you are there.

The Straits Times

4. The Singapore Tourism Board hosts many events throughout the year. Make sure you attend a few when you are there. 

Singapore Circle

 5. There are many scam hotspots in Singapore dealing with electronic and telecommunication products. 

Vancouver Courier

6. Chewing gum is banned in Singapore. You will not find any shops in Singapore selling chewing gum.

Culture Trip

7. Get yourself a travel sim card from Starhub. It’s safe and reasonable. 


8.  Pointing toes towards someone is considered disrespectful in Singapore. Patting someone’s head from behind is also not appreciated.