Do you all know what can make your new year celebration truly majestic? A royal celebration! And what better way to celebrate it than to do it in the golden city of Jaisalmer in the sweet winter. 

I’m telling you! My stay at Suryagarh, Jaisalmer truly gave me a great opportunity to experience the city.

So, before you dismiss it as just any other destination and plan the same boring old house party for another year, here are 6 things that’ll totally change your mind. 

1. Explore the silk route

Jaisalmer was an important city on the silk route between the 16th to 18th century and here you get to experience the route like an actual tradesmen on a caravan going to Khaba Fort which will lead all the way up to Joshida water reservoir. The stops along the way, like ruins of the ancient Paliwal village and the desert oasis will export you back in time narrating its rich untold story. 

2. Dance the folk tune.

Located on the Indo-Pak border, the city has many rich cultural experiences to offer. You can enjoy the enchanting performances by Mehboob khan and his family of Manganiyars, Azam Ali Khan’s Algoza  (the double flute), Kaki, the songstress of the Thar and many more!

3. Lie down on the sand dunes.


Sunset at the sand dunes will get etched in your memory as the landscape you changes a million colours in one evening! The unbelievably vast landscape during the day, and endless starlit night, are both to die for. What’s more, while at the dunes, you can get mesmerising folk singers to serenade you as stunning fireworks light up your visit like no other.

4. Take a bite out of the royal cuisine

Dinner on the dunes is a culinary experience you just cannot miss! A royal feast served in a communal setting with starry skies, tasselled canopies and super soft mattress to sit on make for an unforgettable meal. And that’s not even mentioning the delicious Rajasthani fare you can munch on. 

5. Picnic in the desert, anyone?

Now I know these two words don’t usually go together and that’s exactly what makes this experience unique. Tucked away like little secrets between rocky hills and sandy dunes, are acres and acres of soft green pastures and lush oases — a pristine setting for that once in a lifetime picnic. And Suryagarh’s orange turbaned staff just add to it, making you feel all the more royal. 

6. Take home the brightness

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And if you love shopping, or are just looking to bring something back for a friend, you need to visit the bazaars in the fort city. The colourful local markets are full of long flowy cotton skirts, mirror work jackets, leather bags, and shoes are alluring. And they’re quite worth the hassle of the haggle! 

While some of these experiences are open to all, some of them, like dinner on the dunes and the Silk Route Trail are exclusive to residents of Suryagarh, Jaisalmer. So head over there and experience the golden city like never before. And this year, instead of planning the same party for the rest of eternity, why don’t you indulge, splurge and take your new year celebration to another level? Your highness!