This ‘bedroom cinema‘ hall is all set to make your filmy dreams come true with snuggly double beds instead of the uncomfortable non-reclining seats. 

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Cinema Pathe, situated near the Swiss-German border, has come up with the best idea to revamp your cinematic experience by bringing you the comfort of your bedroom to a cinema hall. 

Snuggle and chill, anyone?

The hall features around 11 double beds, with reclining headrests and a table on the side along with complimentary slippers. 

For those of you who’re concerned about the hygiene aspect of it, the beddings will be changed between screenings.

In case I forgot to mention, THERE’S FREE FOOD to enhance your cinematic experience with the VIP tickets.   


And in case you want to channelise your inner child, there’s also an option to chose the children’s cinema area with bean bags, ball pits and slides. 

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Bummer alert: I’m dropping the price bomb, folks. Brace yourself. 

The VIP tickets costs around 49 Francs i.e 3,500 Rs (approx). But my lazy ass would probably be willing to trade the comfort of my own bed to experience this cinematic experience, on another bed.