So you like to check out dangerous places? Well, we might have found your next destination you need to head out to. Purely because it’s going to jolt you into a scare of a lifetime. And, if you’re afraid of heights, even better. Because, this is one place you’d like to test out whether you can get over it.

If you’re down south in Karnataka somewhere you need to head to Avalabetta fort.

Ditch the regular old Nandi hills and head out somewhere that’s still relative low on the tourist radar. Avalabetta fort is in the Chikballapur district in Karnataka, and it’s awesome.

A nice temple sits atop the hill on which the fort lies.

Few people know of the spot and huddle around a pool on cliff edge.

But, it’s the rock jutting out over the high drop that’s the real test of nerves.

The brave few take a step onto it for a view that’s unmatched.

What do you think? Can you take the step?

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