This mother-son traveling duo proves that parenting is not about giving up your passion but inculcating them in your kids. 

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A passionate, spontaneous backpacker who loved to treck to remote areas put her love for travelling on the backseat when she became a mother.

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She wanted to focus on bringing up her child and making sure that she was experiencing the adventures of motherhood.

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Even though on various occasions, the traveler in her could hear the mountains calling out to her, she didn’t want to be trapped in the guilt of leaving her son alone.

Somewhere down the line, she lost the enthusiasm to travel. 

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When her son, Dev was 4 and old enough to understand what traveling was, she decided to take a trip to Dharamshala. 

She sat Dev down and asked him if he wanted to accompany her for the trip. She showed him pictures of the places she’d visit and to her surprise, Dev with all his excitement, jumped to the idea of it. 

Humans of Bombay

Their first trip together was filled with adventures. While she was struggling to complete the trek, Dev was already miles ahead with the guide. 

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Over the years, the mother-son duo has experienced the essence of traveling. Whether it is paragliding in Nanital or snorkling in the Andamans, they’ve done it all. 

Humans of Bombay

She is so proud of the lessons that traveling has taught Dev. She can see him adapt, grow and experience new things, each time they take a trip. 

Humans of Bombay

Her dreams to travel the beautiful sights of Asia and Europe are now shared by her son-cum-travel buddy. 

She believes that if adults don’t trap their children under the burden of limitations, they’re the best companions to have your biggest adventures with. 

She has decided to enjoy all the wonders that word and life has to offer, with her son. One adventure at a time. 

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“Before I got married, I used to travel a lot. I’d pick my bags and go for these random treks. I’d go backpacking with my friends to remote places — and have the best experiences. But after getting married and then having a child, somewhere the enthusiasm and spontaneity to travel just got lost.  I was so focused on bringing up my child and making sure that he had the perfect life, I forgot there’s so much more to experience. Every other day, I could feel an adventure calling out to me. But that was coupled with the guilt of whether I could leave my child alone at home.  When Dev was around 4, my friends decided to take a trip to Dharamshala. I jumped at the idea of going, but I didn’t want to leave him alone. So I sat him down, and told him I was going for a trip — I showed him the place, including where we were staying and berthing and asked him if he’d like to join me. He jumped at the idea and that’s when we set off on our first trip!  I remember after we reached, we set out for a trek which was slightly difficult. I was struggling to complete it — but Dev was already miles ahead with our guide! I reached the top a little after him, and when I did, I saw him sitting amongst everyone from the group and having maggi — totally enjoying himself! In that moment I knew that there was going to be no looking back. So in the span of a couple of years, we’ve been to Bhutan, stayed at a local’s house in Amritsar where we learnt how to cook on the Chulla– we’ve even been snorkelling in Andaman Islands and paragliding in Nainital! We’ve had a complete blast, the two of us together. Through all of our travels I can see him grow, I can see him enjoying these experiences and learning so much. It’s my dream to be able to travel with him across the world to countries in Asia, Europe and see all those beautiful sights I’ve dreamt of seeing myself.  I’ve realised that we adults are the ones that place limits on children. When in fact, they are the best companions to have on your biggest adventures! So now I’ve decided that Dev and I are going to enjoy all of the wonders that life, and the world has in store for us…one adventure at a time!”

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