Remember that feeling you got as a child? When summer vacations were over and you could no longer spend time doing the things that you love? That's what adulting feels like, every day.

It's a constant battle between what you want to do vs what you should do.

In a post by Humans of New York, the story of a woman who left her job for three months just to travel around the world perfectly captures the dilemma of every traveler who's forced to adult.

Source: Humans of New York

A London based woman who could feel that she was sinking into the void of a mid-life crisis, decided to break the monotony of her life by going on a 3-month-long tour.

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Just like the rest of us, she was sick and tired of the limited two-week-long vacations.

So, with a will to experience different cultures around the globe, she set on a journey to follow what she loved, where she met so many new people as she explored.

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Forgetting about the future and learning to live in the moment, she felt something different.

She finally experienced a routine-less vacation where she wasn't counting the days but living in the moment and every day was like a weekend. She learnt to keep the future and work-worries at bay.

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But that's the thing about vacations, they don't last forever. You're pushed into the rat-race and all you can do is motivate yourself by planning your next vacation.

And, just when she thought that her travel bug was satisfied, with her 3-month-long-vacation. She jumped right back into the rat race only to realise that:

There’s always this feeling of not having achieved enough. Of putting in one hundred percent and still being behind. Of living toward a paycheck, knowing that paycheck will determine what you can do to be happy.
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The bitter truth about adulting is, you have to financially fuel your own passion. Which means that you have to be a part of the rat race even if you want to follow your dreams.

Even though she enjoyed the security of having a job, she wished that she could hold on to the feeling she got while traveling. In a competitive environment, she was looking for peace of mind and clarity that she discovered while traveling.

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It's a vicious cycle. You can't really travel the world and experience without money and you can't spend all of your savings experiencing different cultures.

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