Sponsored by Nicotex

While climbing to the Mt. Everest remains one of the toughest challenges for mankind, what is even tougher is to win over one’s personal challenges. Ones that are capable of stirring our beliefs and transforming us into better beings.

It’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.

As we accomplish our individual goals, overcome hurdles of addiction, reaching the highest peak can perhaps become less difficult and more adventurous. Nicotex‘s new show I Can You Can features the story of six such daredevils who attempt to get over their weaknesses and achieve the seemingly impossible.

Hosted by fitness enthusiast and ex-smoker, Milind Soman, the series has contestants scaling the Everest Base Camp in pairs. Each pair involves a participant who’s an active smoker and one who’s quit smoking recently. 

All six contestants are the winners of a contest conducted by Nicotex, a nicotine Gum which helps in quitting smoking, wherein, the smokers shared their struggles of quitting and the ex-smokers shared their own #ICanYouCan stories.

I particularly like the format of the show for it doesn’t just cover an attempt to reach the peak’s Base Camp, but also the journey where the recently-quit-smokers encourage the active smokers to give up the habit. After all, who can be better influencers than the ones who have themselves experienced each of the similar struggles? And then, of course, there is Milind, who shares his story of addiction – how he chose to give it up to begin his expedition of fitness, rather honestly. Also, stating the obvious, but he is one pretty amazing host.

While watching the show, I realized that while quitting smoking is extremely difficult, it isn’t impossible either.

As the series progresses, you can see how the contestants seem to lose morale. Not because they’re exhausted but since the urge to take that drag comes in between. Nonetheless, the motivation by their respective partners keeps them going and they successfully complete the targets so far. But which team will be the first to make it? Will all contestants manage to overcome their obstacles? Check out the trailer for the finale episode to get a sneak-peak into their final lap. 

The episode airs on 21st Jan, 7 pm on Viu India & National Geographic channel.