Trust the Internet for giving us some of the bizarre content available on the cyberspace, the latest one being the picture of a bike with stepney. Now, if we go by the rules, any addition to a humble bike would look out of place. In case, you have your own little visual doubts, we have sketched out a fig of our imagination to give you an idea about how a bike with stepney can look like! Take a look below…

A bike with stepney is as odd as chocolate on idlis; neither do they look visually appealing, nor do they have a trusted fan base.     

Not really charming, is it?

I don’t know about you, but I’m sure someone is trying to make a point here. Are the Internet wizards yet again cooking up some magic? Or, is this some alien conspiracy theory – do they travel on a bike with stepney?   

Here’s a picture of a bike with a stepney that we came across on the internet, and I am just trying to dig out clues from this one! Have you ever seen anything like this before? If you haven’t, well, another day, another Internet mystery to solve, right?  

Any guesses where this one is headed? Tell us in the comments below!