Needless to say, the pandemic has taught us things that were beyond our capabilities earlier. It has been a mere reflection of our potential through these tough times. When we look back from where we started, we can can see how far we have come. As a society and as individuals – we really stepped in to not let anything come in the way. 

While we were wiggling our way through the pandemic and its changes, Shell went an extra mile to cope with it. In these 400+ days of uncertainty, Shell proved to be a knight in shining armour for our buddies on the road. They put up a brave face and not only sustained quality services, but also refined them.

Their recent video shows how Shell has been striving towards the betterment of its services with its all-round solutions. It epitomises convenience with its in-house brands like deli2go and Shell Select. Not just that, you can see how vehicle sanitisation and free oil checking and changing services are available at its gas stations. 

The video highlights the essence of the campaign ‘Shell… saath chale, baat bane’ by taking us through its reliable services. You can almost sense an instant vestment of faith in the brand when you acquaint yourself with its unparalleled services available on Digital Loyalty platform (Shell Go+ India). Along with building ace customer experience, they have not left any stone unturned when it comes to their employees too. Their wellbeing is given utmost priority at Shell while they are provided safe working spaces even during the pandemic. 

While they continue to serve us and be our best friends on the road, check out this cool video that showcases their many services.