Coronavirus by far has affected 141 countries. But the most affected by this pandemic after China is Italy with more than a 1,000 deaths due to the said virus. 

The New York Times

Considering the severe situation, there is a nationwide lockdown in Italy restricting citizens from movement till April 3. 

Italians have a very close-knit community system. But due to the lockdown people have no option but to stay at home and not have any human interaction.           

Siena School

But a video on Reddit from Sienna, Italy has emerged where people are singing a popular song from within their houses. The video shows an empty street and the echo of people singing the song from their balconies.

After watching the video, many Redditors were full of mixed emotions. 

While some said it totally broke their hearts.   

It honestly made me cry. For me it’s a nice reminder that even though shit sucks right now we’re all in this together and humanity will make it through. 


I know that’s supposed to be uplifting but somehow that’s the most dystopian apocalypse thing I’ve seen all day. 


Some thought it was uplifting.    

Shit was wholesome af.  


Seeing this, though, brings a smile to my face and makes me think we’ll all be okay in the end. Positive thoughts 🙂 


This is so powerful. I love it.    


Even though this instance makes us hopeful for the future. We hope such sad times are over soon and our hearts are with the people affected by this pandemic.