The travel bug cannot help but leave behind an addiction for more. When you’re single, things are relatively easy, you can save up, chart out a plan and leave with a couple of friends or all on your own. But with a child, the situation turns a little tricky. But does that mean you give up on the thing you’re passionate about?

Karen Edwards does not think so. A full-time nurse by profession, she travelled extensively with her husband, Shaun. When blessed with a baby girl, they did not give up on their passion but decided to use Karen’s maternity leave to travel with their newborn child. The family now travels together, with their little girl in tow, a chronicle of which can be found on Travel Mad Mum. It goes without saying that it’s giving people major, major travel goals.

And the little girl looks thrilled about the new places they see.

“I did not want to give up my life and passion for travel when I had a baby, instead I wanted her to be a reflection of who I am.”

Her doctor encouraged her to go ahead with her plan and said that the best time to travel was when their daughter was breastfeeding, as it develops a strong immune system in children.

Mother-daughter duo enjoying a view of the elephants in South Africa.

Here’s a child who prefers planes to swings. Some kid!

Things do happen, sometimes…

“Yes, there were a few hiccups like losing our nappy bag with all our passports, medicines and all kinds of other things, one evening in Bali. The next day a local tracked it down and returned it so we were very lucky.”

But the perks are so much more.

Did somebody just update your travel goals? Yeah, we know the feeling.

Image Source: Travel Mad Mum