With the year coming to an end, my ‘wanderlust’ self was craving an adventure – and I was jealous of seeing an Instagram feed full of travel photos, as I tried taking ‘exotic looking’ selfies while sitting in an auto and going to work. 

So naturally, I looked for airline tickets that were cheap after all the ‘internet handling fees’, and taxes, and whatnot (a feat more difficult than finding the g-spot). And that’s when I realized that apparently, airlines charge a ‘CUTE’ fees.

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*And while I’d like to believe the name is in honor of my inherent awesomeness, when has any fees ever been in favor of the customer paying it?*

CUTE fees stands for fees charged for ‘Common User Terminal Equipment’ and is actually charged by the Airport Authority of India. This reportedly includes fees for the customer’s use of metal detecting machines, escalators and other equipment. 


Simply put, this covers the equipment that different airlines collectively use (check-in desks, software platforms etc.). 

Well, the point is, you now know what all the airlines are charging from you, and I am looking for places I can take a bus to. Kuch aur toh aukaat ke bahar hai.