Weddings in India are synonymous to friends, family, food, hundreds of guests and lots of fun. But 2020 changed the way we perceive weddings. Intimate destination weddings are the new normal.


Away from the hustle bustle of cities, wedding venues in the hills are the best to tie the knot, this year. If you are one of those who are thinking of planning your wedding in the hills, we’ve got you covered.

1. Book the venue as soon as possible.

Many weddings and other events got cancelled or postponed in 2020. Most of these people pushed the events to 2021. So if you are planning to exchange vows in 2021, book a venue of your choice before it gets filled up. The juSTa Mukteshwar Retreat & Spa is a budget-friendly option in Mukteshwar, a hill station in the Nainital district.


Check their website for bookings here.

2. Stay informed and follow guidelines.

Safety guidelines have seen many changes with the changing landscape of COVID-19. So it’s important to keep yourselves informed and up to date on what is and isn’t allowed for your event and travel.


3. Keep it intimate

Covid-19 cases may have reduced, and the vaccine might signal hope, but we are still not over it. It’s better to downscale the number of guests keeping in mind everyone’s safety.


4. Practice proper hygiene.

Maintaining hygiene is the best way to stay safe from the coronavirus. Talk to the vendors and make sure that you have proper sanitisation equipment installed at the venue.


5. Keep the ceremonies as short as possible.

With limited number of guests, it’s very much possible to keep the ceremonies short. This will also help you cut on unnecessary costs.


6. Ask your vendors what safety practices they’ll be following.

Plan everything you want to discuss with them beforehand and don’t forget to ask important questions like, what is their cancellation policy, how will they implement safety protocols, how many members do they have in the team, etc.


7. If you are hosting the guests, ensure that the places you’ve booked follow safety protocols.

Being the host, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of guests. Talk to the organisers and explain them your requirements with regard to COVID protocols.


8. Ask guests to get themselves tested for COVID.

Keeping the pandemic in mind, you can make it mandatory for guests to get COVID-19 tests done and submit their reports before attending the wedding. The same can be done for the venue staff, too.


9. Ensure digital payments and booking wherever possible.

Digital payments have gained momentum in COVID times. If you are accepting gifts, you can use digital payment platforms like Paytm, PhonePe, GooglePay, etc.


10. Ensure that medical aid is readily available in emergency situations.

You should enquire about the nearby health facilities beforehand. This will be of great help in medical emergencies.


11. Do not exceed your budget.

With many high-end resorts and hotels, Uttarakhand and Himachal are top choices for destination weddings. However, everything that is good does not have to be expensive. Look for budget wedding destinations that do not compromise with your experience.


Like juSTa Dignitii Resort & Spa in Mukteshwar. From pre-wedding events to the wedding, you can plan everything here at prices that fit your budget. You can visit their website here and make your bookings.


Make your wedding memorable and special.