Millions of tourists travel to France, the UK, and other famous European countries every year in search of picturesque spots. But some of the most charming destinations in Europe are often overlooked. These underrated places hold within them stories that are craving to be appreciated. Scroll down to find out 12 countries in Europe that make fantastic holiday destinations and yet are often sadly overlooked.   

1. Andorra 

Are you a political science nerd? Well, Andorra is nothing less than heaven for you then. Along with a rich political history, the country also offers some of the best skiing in Europe. 

Fun Fact – A principality is a place ruled by a prince. Andorra, however, is a co-principality. The country has two princes who jointly share the title of prince.  


2. Montenegro 

What will tug at your heart string in Montenegro is its emerald water and orange-rooftop mountains. The country gives its visitor the best look of both worlds with its day time aged exploration and nighttime Mediterranean music blast. 

 Fun Fact – Montenegro got its name from the dark mountain forests that cover the land. The name breaks down into two words, ‘monte’ and ‘negro’ (black, mountain), and dates back to the 15th century.  

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3. Moldova  

The young nation of Europe, Moldova is a boon for travelers and backpackers because of its beautiful and unspoiled countryside nature. Also, the country is home to some of the most delicious wine varieties. 

 Fun Fact – Moldova went for nearly three years without a president and elected Nicolae Timofti as president in 2012.  

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4. Cyprus 

Cyprus is a small island country with a plethora of beachside destinations on the southeast coast and ancient sites like St. Hilarion Castle that can leave any soul inspired. 

 Fun Fact – Cyprus was the first nation to include its map on its flag.  


5. Solvenia  

Slovenia holds within it the power to make you go awestruck and lovesick. The quaint small towns and beautiful vineyards of this overlooked European country in the house of positive energy and good vibes. 

 Fun Fact – Slovenia covers less than 0.004% of the Earth’s surface.    

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6. Estonia  

Estonia is a beautiful country that offers one of the most authentic experiences of Baltic culture. This European gem is renowned for its rich culture, glorious history, and magnificent forests. 

Fun Fact – Estonia is the birthplace of the first Christmas tree. 

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7. Belarus  

 This landlocked country is a perfect vacation spot for travel junkies. Be it the church outside of Minsk or Mir Castle, this UNESCO heritage sites holder serves as the ultimate narrator of dive deep history and culture. 

Fun Fact – There are more than 20,000 rivers and creeks and about 11,000 lakes in Belarus. 

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8. Faroe Islands  

Composed of 18 islands within the Kingdom of Denmark, the Faroe Islands are one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. These majestic islands definitely fit in the ‘road less traveled’ category and are the perfect spot for nature lovers, hikers and fans of picturesque villages. 

Fun Fact – There are approximately 110 different species of birds in the Faroe Islands. 


9. Latvia  

Another country based on the roots of Baltic culture is Latvia that offers a strong and fascinating cultural experience which makes it the perfect antidote to modern, homogeneous travel options. 

Fun Fact – Latvia is Wifi paradise and has the world’s fourth-fastest internet connections with over 800 free connection points.   

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10.  Republic Of Macedonia 

The Republic Of Macedonia holds in its basket the finest comfort food in Europe that you can enjoy amongst the gorgeous mountains and lakes. No matter what you decide to do, Macedonia will steal your heart for sure. 

Fun Fact – The Cyrillic alphabet, which is used by several countries was developed in the 9th century in the Republic Of Macedonia.  


11. San Marino  

San Marino is one of the world’s smallest and oldest republics that is surrounded by the mammoth: Italy. With a preserved historic architecture and an impressive mountainous region, it will definitely be a great experience to visit this lesser-known European destination. 

Fun Fact – The last battle in which San Marino actively participated was fought in 1463.

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12. Liechtenstein  

This mountainous country located between Austria and Switzerland is a perfect place to visit if you are in search of a quaint holiday spot. Liechtenstein is home to beautiful modern art museums that give tourists a taste of the depth of culture in Europe. 

Fun Fact – Liechtenstein was the only neutral German republic to not have participated in the World War.