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Travelling overseas and exploring new places are enough to keep up with our #TravelGram pictures and keep our social media lit. 

Travelling is always fun, but sometimes we make mistakes, run into problems, and get stuck in a bewildering situation, where even the digital lords fail to help us out. I asked people about their worst experiences while travelling to a foreign land, and the responses are shocking enough for you to take a cue and pay extra attention before planning your next trip.

Imagine yourself in their shoes, in the same situation, you’re having a gala time and suddenly something happens that flips your mood. Everyone should be prepared for such things with ease and we call all make do with a little bit of help. Speaking of which, Reliance Travel Insurance is offering full-proof protection of your vacay. No matter how good of a planner you are or how uptight your travelling squad is, it takes a moment to make things go all topsy-turvy. So, before planning another trip, Reliance Travel Insurance check karna to banta hai boss!