As you travel to different places, you might have explored a number of different laws at each location. From their unique values and distinctive cultures, every place follows poles apart set of laws. 

However, at times, some of these laws are so bizarre and weird that you can’t help but wonder what provoked lawmakers of that place to approve some of the laws. Here is a handful of them that might shock you.

1. Vicks is forbidden in Japan.

The allergy or sinus medications that contain the ingredient pseudoephedrine and codeine are banned and shouldn’t be brought into the country.

2. Tossing non-biodegradable plastic confetti is banned in Alabama.

The law of the city has banned plastic confetti as it doesn’t disintegrate and ends up lying all over green areas. According to the city law, it is unlawful and an offence against the city for any person to have in possession, keep, store, use, manufacture, sell, offer for sale, give away or handle any non-biodegradable, plastic-based confetti. However, people are allowed to use paper confetti. 

3. It’s illegal to feed pigeons on the streets of San Francisco. 

The city blames the birds for spreading disease and damaging property. If you are caught providing food to pigeons in the city, you could face a hefty fine. Even citizens are encouraged to report pigeon feeders to police.

4. Billboards are banned in Alaska, Vermont, Maine and Hawaii. 

The four US states have banned billboards as they want to maintain their scenic beauty and attract more individuals to visit their states. 

5. People have to follow baby-naming guidelines in Denmark. 

According to the country’s law, the ultimate choice for a baby’s name must come from a pre-approved list of 7,000 names. If they want to go with something different, they need to get government approval.

6. Wearing high heels is prohibited at some historical sites in Greece. 

Back in 2009, the director of Greek prehistoric and classical antiquities said that the female visitors must wear shoes that do not damage the monuments. These monuments have skin and high-heels can puncture holes as they have the whole body’s pressure on them.

7. It’s illegal to disrupt a wedding, a funeral and religious services in Australia. 

If you disturb a wedding, a funeral or any religious service on purpose in the country, you might be fined $10,000 or be imprisoned for 2 years.

8. Married women can only drink one glass of wine in a bar in Bolivia. 

In the city of La Paz, married women are allowed to drink only one glass of wine in public to prevent them from drunkenly flirting with unknown men. Also, men can divorce their wives if they are seen consuming in public. 

9. It’s illegal to step on money in Thailand. 

Stepping on Thai money, Baht, is illegal because it has pictures of the country’s royal family on it. Defacing an image of the royal family has been against the law since 1908 and it could also land you in jail.

10. It’s illegal to cheat on exams in Bangladesh. 

Children of the age of 15 or older can go to jail if they cheat during their final exams in the country.

11. Lace undergarments are banned in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. 

In 2014 these countries introduced a regulation that requires clothing in contact with skin to contain at least 6% cotton because synthetic fabrics don’t absorb moisture as well and can cause skin problems.

12. It’s illegal to tell fortunes in Maryland. 

In the city of Baltimore, palm reading or fortune-telling for remuneration is forbidden and is punishable with a $500 fine or imprisonment for 1 year.

13. It’s illegal to swear in the Caribbean. 

The region has a strict law against using profanity in public. If you break the law, you could even get arrested. In 2016, the rapper 50 Cent was apparently arrested for saying a curse word during a concert.

14. It’s unlawful to sell and import chewing gum in Singapore. 

In 1992, chewing gums were banned in the country, but it is not illegal to chew them. In 2004, the ban had an amendment and since then it is possible to buy therapeutic, dental, and nicotine chewing gum from a doctor or pharmacist. The ban was introduced because vandals had started sticking chewing gum on the door sensors of trains, mailboxes, inside keyholes, on lift buttons, stairways and wherever it was hard to clean.

15. It’s illegal to fully cover the face in public in Denmark. 

In 2018, the country’s parliament approved a law that makes it illegal to wear garments that cover the face in public. They argued that this ban would promote integration and public safety. However, this didn’t sit right with Muslim women because they felt discriminated against as wearing veils is their personal choice.

16. It’s illegal to take selfies with Buddha in Sri Lanka. 

Ill-treatment of Buddhist images and artefacts is absolutely banned in the country. One shouldn’t take a selfie with their backs turned to Buddha as it’s disrespectful. A number of French tourists were convicted under a section of the law because they were posing for a photograph, pretending to kiss a Buddha statue.

Which was the most shocking fact for you?