The word ‘rave’ has been used by the media in a highly sensationalist fashion, and the goings on of Goa are written about with a sense of schadenfreude every time some poor dancer on the beach gets arrested. But strange things do occur at Goa raves at the end of the day, just as they do at all other parts of the world. People on Reddit had a few things to say about the matter. Check it!

1. “Once you know just how much is going on every night, its jaw dropping. I totally see why people get lost there.” – Vasa1423


2. “I love shiva Valley. Spent many a Tuesday night there. Full power!” – Mindfreak42

3. “No shower! 24 hour!” – Eminiplayer

4. ” I met a lot of wonderful people, did a lot of drugs, swam in a canal, had a great experience over all.” – Ohcake


5. “Wind in our hair , sand in our toes, and music in our ears.” – Jainism

6. “Some of the most exciting parties in Goa are the more underground parties and all night beach raves. But you’ve got to be careful of the cops ‘cos they just want to be bribed.” – Deep1612

7. “You would find a lot of good folks in Arambol, while Anjuna has become a junkie haven now. Lots of parties get busted there.” – Sgxaoc


8. “The people follow the music and the music follows them right back, all meditating while medicating!” – UrbanAghori

9. “The legendary open air beach parties are gone for decades now, but you can find awesome music in Shiva Valley.” – nu303

10. “Last time I went there was a party boat that would just accept tourists and what not to go out into the ocean for the night and party on the boat.” – sri75


What happens in Goa stays in our bloodstreams for months.