There is no denying the fact that Indian weddings can be huge and so lavish that it’s hard to ignore them. Naturally, these weddings also have a fat budget running into crores.

Let’s see what your wedding would look like in a budget of ₹1 crore.

Please note that we have stuck to one type of wedding for the purpose of brevity.   

1. Venue & Accommodation

When you have set a budget of ₹1 crore for your wedding, you can expect to book a royal and some of the most expensive venues.

The Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur is a dream wedding destination for many. You can book the hotel for your wedding in your budget if you plan an initmate ceremony with not more than 100 guests.

It has 17 suites and 66 rooms starting from ₹23,000 per night. So you can book a combination of both depending on the requirements of your guests.

Apart from the accommodation, the hotel will charge you anything between ₹30-35 lakh for decor.

Food here costs around ₹4,000 for a meal per person. So if you consider three meals a day, it goes up to ₹12,000 per person.

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Another sought-after celeb wedding destination that you can book for your wedding in this budget is the Umaid Bhawan Palace.


The cost of stay at the palace starts from ₹30,000 to ₹35,000 for each night with a basic room plan.

The hotel also provides you decor at a cost of around 40-50% of hotel bills.

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The food charges are ₹12,000 per person per meal. Additional charges will follow depending on your requirements. So, if you are having just 50-60 guests, this hotel will fit in your budget.

If you choose to have a beach destination wedding in Goa, The Leela will give you an umatched and fairytale experience.


The total cost of food and accommodation will be approximately ₹60 lakh for 150 guests as the starting price range of each room is ₹20,000-24,000.

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These high-end venues also provide the decor at additional cost like mandap, mehendi decor, etc.

2. Photography

Destination wedding photography is expensive and can cost you around ₹2-3 lakh for one day. This will include drone shoot, videography, wedding photos, candid shots, etc. If you are adding extra requirements, the cost can further go up.


Since your budget for the wedding is ₹1 crore, you can choose professional photo studios.

3. Makeup and Mehendi artists

With the kind of budget you have in mind, you can easily spend more on your makeup and even hire artists from overseas or those who do makeup for celebrities.

The makeup cost will start from ₹1 lakh per event.

You can book mehendi artists who work with celebrities like Vivek from Delhi, or Kundan Mehendi Art. The price for bridal mehendi with portraits will start from ₹11,000.


4. Music and entertainment

What’s a wedding without music and dance? And since yours will be an expensive one, you can hire some of the top acclaimed DJs in India.

Services of DJ Aqeel, a popular name in the Bollywood and at high-end private parties, can be booked starting from ₹4 lakh.

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5. Cocktail party

If you want to include alcohol in your wedding celebrations, you can plan a separate cocktail party.

While the popular bars have their wedding packages, you can customise it based on your requirements. The costs will start from ₹3 lakh per event.

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These are the majot costs incurred in organising a wedding within ₹1 crore. Please note that we haven’t taken into account the wedding outfits, gifts, and transportation costs.