I’m talking to all of you sleep deprived travellers who need to fight for some shut-eye every time you’re on a long duration flight. While you were trying to make the best of those recliner seats, did you ever wonder where the airline crew heads off during nap time? It’s usually a very secretive room tucked away above the cockpit.

Here is the area that the airplane crew retreats to, and it looks so damn cosy. 

Since, revenue generating passenger seats take priority, Crew Rest Departments (CRD) are usually squeezed into confined areas.

But that doesn’t stop the airlines in making it look classy and from the looks of it, very comfortable. The rest areas might differ with airline companies and planes. 


Some of the more luxurious staff areas even offer pyjamas and entertainment systems!

The crew rest area on the Cathay Pacific 777-300ER is tucked away at the top of the plane with a secret staircase into a room that contains bunk beds. And, usually these areas have enough space to be occupied by eight members at a time with a fair amount of luxuries and amenities attached.


In fact, the CRD for the pilots on a Boeing 787 is separate from the rest, and seems the most comfortable.

Boeing’s 787’s CRD is tucked away in a large loft space above the passenger compartment. Usually, an instruction sign on the entrance would restrict the usage to a maximum occupancy of eight members, and require the members to close the entry latch when the rooms are not in use. 


Various other resting areas will often be right above the cockpit with a provision to look over the passenger cabin, for the crew to keep a close eye on them.


These definitely look way cooler than I imagined them to be!

Masthead Source: businessinsider.com, Feature Image Source: picswallpaper.com