So, if you’ve clicked on this article, you’re probably as bored as we were when we came up with this idea. How’s the lockdown coming along? 

But seriously, some of our best childhood memories were in trains — travelling for hours and days on end in those compartments, fighting with your sibling to see who gets the top berth and talking to strangers on the journey. And in all those years, did you notice that the first and last windows in a train compartment have more rods than the others?

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Have you ever wondered why? Well, the answer is quite simple — security. 

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The rods are more and the gap is less as they want to prevent people from just stealing or snatching something through the window. And while it’s almost impossible to reach a regular window from the ground, one could easily reach the last window and grab something from the steps. 

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In fact, there have also been cases of people standing at the door of the compartment at night and stealing things while the passengers have been asleep. 

So now you know. Next time you see a train and have nothing better to say to someone, you have the perfect dry banter fodder.