In a world where everything is instagrammable, we need to draw boundaries between what we share and where we share. 

Going on trips is a thrilling experience, but did you know? There’s a specific reason why you should not post a picture of your boarding pass on social media. Read on, because the reasons ahead are important to take note of.

Your boarding pass contains details like your name, flight number, destination, boarding gate, seat number, and the barcode or QR code. Now many of us blur out the details like the seat number or name, but the most detrimental detail is often missed. 

The Barcode. It can be a source for the hacker to pull out your data in just one scan. This could lead to identity theft, duplicate credit cards, or even give access to your mail account and linked bank account. 

As per reports, the boarding pass can also give access to your Passenger Name Record (‘PNR’) which includes all your route data and on all those travelling along.

Even after your journey is over, you should not leave the boarding pass on your airplane seat or anywhere else. It’s advisable to discard it somewhere safe.

The greatest risk in posting a boarding pass on social media is that it is a clear indication that the person will not be home at a specific time. That is like leaving the front door not only unlocked, but thrown wide open.”

It’s best to keep your boarding pass picture away from your Instagram moments!

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