Due to the pandemic, many of us have been working from our homes for quite a while now.

To be more specific, we have actually been working from our beds but there’s a trio of friends who have been working from their cycles. 

Ratish Bhalerao/ The Indian Express

Yep. Not home, not a bed but cycles. Bakcen George, Allwyn Joseph, and Ratish Bhalerao cycled all the way from Mumbai to Kanyakumari while not missing office. 

Ratish Bhalerao/ The Indian Express

They covered around 1,687 Kms and did their office work from ‘dhabas’ they found on the highway or from lodges. The three cycled for 80 Kms daily while they cycled more on the weekends.

Ratish Bhalerao/ The Indian Express

The three have been friends for more than two decades and wanted to quench their thirst for travel and that’s how the concept of ‘work from cycle’ came into being. 

Ratish Bhalerao/ The Indian Express

While in conversation with the Indian Express, Bakcen George commented that: 

“It was worth it for sure. We enjoy both kinds of vacations and holidays. Family vacations have their charm, but adventure holidays are like a gift to yourself. Cycling doesn’t feel like a chore. It’s liberating and exhilarating. 

They even had their fair share of struggle. They had to carry the weight of the gadgets while cycling, braving the heat and whatnot. 

Ratish Bhalerao/ The Indian Express

To keep their work on track, the three would wake up as early as 4 AM and reach a destination by 11 AM and get their work started. 

The Indian Express

They shared that they had to get used to this routine in the beginning but it got better once they got used to it. 

Although, they are done with their trip but during their journey, the trio cycled through places like Satara, Belgaum, Bengaluru, Pune, Salem, Kolhapur, etc.