When the coronavirus pandemic properly hit the country in March, none of us imagined this is how much our lives will change. 

Examples from other countries were in front of our eyes but there are certain realities that sink only when they hit you. 

juSTa Hotels

For professionals, it was the fact that office work will not be the same for foreseeable future. And that the comfort of working in pajamas will soon be replaced by boredom, born out of monotony. 

Things especially became worse for people like me who were living alone (it is important for me to mention here, that I know I am extremely privileged to have a job in a time of crisis). 

juSTa Hotels

So, when things started getting back to normal, I thought it will be a good idea to work out of a resort in one of my favourite hill stations, Mukteshwar. 

All I saw of the outside world in 3 months, was the tree outside my house, so the thought of seeing something else was great in itself, let alone seeing something as wonderful as the scenery of Mukteshwar. 

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And that was that. I had a look at my car, which was sitting in the garage for a while, and started with my bookings. 

Most important of which was the resort. Keeping in mind the times we are living in, I wanted something comfortable but also hygienic and it was juSTa Dignitii Resort & Spa (you can check out their Facebook page here) where my search ended. 

The place is just the right amount of luxury-meets-comfort and is 336 kilometers from Delhi and takes around 9-10 hours by road.

They also had an inaugural offer going on, under which my breakfast and dinner were covered. The same offer will continue till January 31, 2021.

juSTa Hotels

The resort is located at a place from where you can get the most amazing views of the Nanda Devi range, while you enjoy in the heated pool, surrounded by glass walls. 

So after work, or anytime I’d get a break, I’d go there and relax. It was simply perfect. 

At night time, when I wanted to rewind, I’d go to the lounge-cum-library at the resort and spend time there for hours. Sometimes, I’d pick a book, on other occasions, I’d browse through stuff and I can’t tell you how cathartic it was.

I also went for small treks on the weekends, so by the time Monday came, I was fully refreshed and ready for my job. 

JuSTa Hotels

Thanks to the place I was staying at, I also got to spend time in the ‘Ekam spa’ and the beautiful bathtub at the resort.

And now, of course, the fear of COVID was there but the people at the resort were very careful and followed all rules. When you reach the place, you have to share your travel history and it is always good to carry a COVID-negative test document.

All in all, for a few days, everything seemed better. I sat outside and saw the stars at night, and during days, mountains were my view.

JuSTa Hotels

As you can imagine, returning from the place was tough. But it was great while it lasted and I will call it my best experience this year. 

If you want to experience a similar bliss, make a reservation at JuSTa Hotels website here