Some people are pizza people, some people are butter chicken and naan people, and some are burger people. And the truth is, if you’ve got a favourite kind of food, then you’re probably willing to try a top tier serving of that dish! But how far would you go to do that, for instance, would you pay ₹4 lakhs for a burger? 

Well, chef Robbert Jan de Veen of De Daltons diner in Voorthuizen, Netherlands has created a burger that costs about 5,000 euros, which is ₹4.5 lakhs, to be precise. He has even posted photos of the burger on his IG account. The ingredients of the food item are extremely expensive themself. 

The Golden Boy is prepared using Beluga caviar, king crab, Spanish Paleta Iberico, white truffle, and English cheddar cheese. It also has a barbeque sauce that is made with one of the costliest coffee beans in the world, Kopi Luwak. Also, the bun is made with Dom Pérignon champagne dough and topped with gold leaf. 

Not only this, but the burger was sold to Netherlands-based business conglomerate Remia International followed by being eaten by Rober Willemse, chairman of the Royal Dutch Food and Beverage Association. The amount collected from the sale was donated to an NGO by Veen. 

Would you try The Golden Boy?