It’s not often you see someone take up a challenge and do everything in their capacity to ensure it’s fulfilled. You see, establishing consistency is not exactly like a walk in the park. But the story of Sachin Singh, an Instagram creator by the handle @’travelling_samosa‘, is altogether an exceptional one. 

zomato delivery agent 1 lakh challenge

Singh established a 100-day challenge to earn ₹1 lakh via Zomato deliveries, and began documenting his journey via mini-vlogs. He uploaded one reel every day describing the array of deliveries he fulfilled, his lunch break, and the money he earned in the day. His goal was to earn and save enough to go on ‘Bharat bhraman‘.

Over time, he grew a dedicated audience who became supremely invested in his journey.

On day 80, Singh realised he was gonna surpass the one lakh sum. Without taking a break, he fulfilled back-to-back orders, earning a little over ₹2,000 in the day and cumulatively ₹1,00,312 in 80 days.

This all started with his first Instagram post, which was also when he began his journey.

But he didn’t reveal his face, or even name, early on. At least not until he appeared in the Dostcast podcast, hosted by Vinamre Kasanaa, where he got candid about his journey, life as a Zomato delivery agent, previous gigs, and what prompted him to take up this unique challenge.

In the podcast, he revealed he’s able to earn between ₹35,000 – ₹40,000 per month if he puts in 12 hours a day. He also explained how he’s saving a lump sum to travel to as many states as he can, and there’s no hard and fast rule that with Bharat bhraman, he has to cover every state and every district, given that would also not be feasible within ₹1 lakh. He just seeks to travel and explore.

Earlier this month, he documented his 100th day, completing the pre-established target more than successfully.

And naturally, everybody congratulated, excitedly foreseeing, ‘Bharat bhraman‘ vlogs.

Instagram – Travelling Samosa
Instagram – Travelling Samosa
Instagram – Travelling Samosa

What has since then followed is Singh exploring Himachal Pradesh and religious spots in Uttar Pradesh.

Singh started off with one goal in mind. Over a period of 100 days, he documented a range of deliveries, peculiar sights, his thoughts on different days, and finally…he’s now done it. And what a journey has it been!