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Nov 27, 2017 at 02:16

There’s Such A Thing As Tree Kangaroos & We Promise It’s The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

by Akancha Miharia

Nature doesn't ever stop mesmerising us. As if kangaroos with their adorable baby pouches weren't cute enough, we have tree kangaroos for you.

Tree-kangaroos are these cute, small and fluffy creatures, found mostly in New Guinea. They are a rare species and not much is known about their behaviour. Their exact numbers are unknown and they also face constant threat due to hunting and habitat destruction.

If you are suffering from Monday blues, here are cute pictures of them to make your day slightly bearable. 

They resemble red pandas so much.

Source: bugaga


Source: WoodlandPark


We dare you to not smile seeing these adorable creatures.

Source: StiffCrustySock


Source: Valerie


Just what you needed to get the energy to go about your dreaded work-day.

Source:  Russel A. Mittermeier/Conservation International


Source: GettyImages


Is it a rat? Is it a squirrel? No, its a tree kangaroo!

Source: MatthewBoggs


Source: Instagram


Just the young one tryna' peek out!

Source: Taronga


Source: DailyMail/AtillaSzilvasi


The colours on them though.

Source: Reddit


Source: PerthZoo


Could you imagine these teeny tiny creatures with a baby pouch too?

Source: Jellibat


Source: Instagram


Just see the smile on that little one's face.

Source: Instagram


Everything humanly possible should be done to save these amazing creatures from dwindling to extinction.


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