Regardless of whether you’re in Delhi or Mumbai, or India or Sudan, the threat of danger and violence surrounds all of us. It is a sad but very real and imminent truth. An attacker that means real harm will not come with a warning, they will come with serious consequences you’ll have to face if you don’t take action. This works doubly for women, considering how shitty things already are for you guys.

Here are 10 tips you need to commit to your memory which might just end up saving your life.

1. Start training in self defence martial arts.

Basics first. Training in any kind of self-defence martial art will not only equip you with skills to care of yourself, it will give you a sound mind and a clearer purpose in life. Pick anything from Filipino martial arts, Krav Maga, to any other weapon-based combat/self-defence system, and focus on improving your level of awareness and confidence. Remember, if a fight’s been brought to you, you have no choice but to fight. 

2. There’s no need to fight hard. Fight smart.

Learn to identify weak pressure points as part of your martial arts training and you’ll never have to bother about whether the threatening aggressor is bigger or stronger. Spots like the eyes, nose, groin and throat are weak points for everyone. Train in how to handle them and you should be golden.

3. In case you’re being kidnapped toss your belongings – not your phone – in the surrounding area.

A move like this where you leave behind your belongings that indicate your ownership in the area of the crime can help authorities track you. If someone is trying to force you into a car, let’s say, you should toss your id card and/or wallet on the roadside as quickly as you can.

4. Go Zidane with your headbutts.

The forehead’s the thickest part of your skull and it packs a real punch. If you find your hands occupied or tied up, headbutt your aggressor and aim for the bridge of the nose. No human on the planet can take that shit and not fall down to the ground. This creates your window for an escape.

5. In case someone breaks into your home, head for the kitchen.

You see where this is going right? Head to the area of the kitchen because you know it better than the intruder, and since it contains all the knives and a plethora of other improvised weapons, it’s the best place to be in this situation. While you’re trying to hide it is important that you stay in close range of weapons that you could use.

6. If you feel threatened inside an elevator, press all the buttons for each floor.

The emergency button is at your disposal, of course. But you don’t want to be in a position where that stops the elevator and you are trapped inside along with the threat. If someone’s being shady, pressing buttons to each floor will give you room to escape and slow down the process of the incoming attack from the aggressor.

7. Scream your lungs out. Pretty basic.

Do not be afraid to yell, kick, scream and create as much of a ruckus to attract attention as you possibly can. While carrying a whistle is also a good alternative, don’t be afraid to call out for help, because it might just be around the corner and that could save your life.

8. Learn how to escape zip-ties.

There are tutorials up on the internet right now that teach you how to quickly and easily escape zip-ties and rope-ties in different positions. Learn them and practice them. In case of any violence that has been brought to you, being tied up could turn into a death sentence.

9. If you suspect you’re being followed, take action immediately.

Don’t stop and wait to assess whether the threat is real or not, trust your intuition because if you feel it, more often than not, your instincts are correct. If you’re being followed on foot, head to the busiest part of a public area. If you’re being followed in a vehicle, head toward the nearest police station.

10. You can use jewellery and other accessories as improvised weapons.

A ring with a piercing-point, car keys, and even phones, can be used as weapons. This apart from other self-defence gadgets like taser guns and pepper spray, are an absolute must if you’re travelling alone often. 

Remember, self-defence is not just about fighting, it’s about survival.