The moment you hit adulthood, there’s just one thing you are constantly worried about: growing old. The prospect of weaker bones and painful joints gives us some real anxiety. Each birthday seems more like a step closer to doomsday and the increasing number of candles on the birthday cake makes you run out of breath, and a happy birthday becomes more of an existential crisis.

And to mitigate exactly this anxiety, scientists have come together time and again to conduct surveys and let you know that growing older isn’t a downhill ride. For example, you may miss your physical stamina from your younger days but at an older age, you have psychological stability which you can use productively.

Here are the ages at which you peak in terms of different things and it’ll make you admire life even more:

Want to learn a second language? Should have done it at 7 or 8. 

Though, don’t worry too much because linguists and psychologists are still debating over this. However, it is widely accepted that it is much easier to learn a second language when you’re younger.

Your brain can process information best at the age of 18.

The main way that scientists test your brain’s processing power is through the digital symbol coding test. You’re basically given a set of numbers and symbols for each of those numbers. The next step of this test gives you numbers but you have to convert them to the correct symbols. A study published in 2016 concluded that 18-year-old people do well on this test.


The ability to remember names which are unfamiliar peaks at the age of 22.

You know, at times, you meet someone and spend a good time with them but you forget their name. Only if you could meet this someone at 22 because this study concluded that we become good at remembering random names at the age of 22.


Men view women as the most attractive when they’re 23 but for women, the attractiveness of a man increases with age.

One of the founders of the dating site OkCupid wrote a book unravelling the mysteries about online dating where he included data from his own site to talk about love and relationships. According to the data in his book, men find women in their 20s the most attractive. Even when they age, their preference stays the same. Women, however, prefer men slightly older than them.


You’re the most satisfied with life at the age of 23. 

A survey of 23,000 people was conducted in Germany and it was concluded that people are likely to feel the most satisfied with life at 23. It also says the conclusion was established after all things were considered.

Live Science

People are strongest at the age of 25.

For all those worried about their strength, you must know that not only does your strength peak at the age of 25 but you stay just as hefty for the next 10 to 15 years. Your muscles are the strongest at the age of 25 which makes it the perfect age to go to the gym.

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The peak age to settle down is 26.

This is the answer to that one question we all wonder about, given by the 37 % rule. It says that by the age of 26 you’ve met enough options to actually make a decision to settle down with one person. Moreover, another study shows that divorce rate is the lowest in couples who get married between the ages of 28 to 32.


The best age to become a marathoner is 28.

If you’re someone who loves to run marathons, you should know that according to one 50-year analysis, the average age at which you’re able to complete a marathon in just over 2 hours is 28.


Your bones are the strongest at the age of 30.

When you think that 30 is a big number in terms of age, tell yourself exactly this. Your bones are the strongest and densest when you’re 30. You can keep them strong with a good intake of calcium and vitamin D in your diet.


Chess players do the best at 31.

Scientists wanted to understand how the physical and intellectual skills develop with age. That’s when they decided to study chess grand masters. The scientists took into account the scores of 96 grand masters over the course of their respective careers and discovered that competitors did best at the age of 31.

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Your ability to recognize faces of strangers is the strongest at 32.

A test was conducted in a lab where it was discovered that people could recognise the faces of absolute strangers when shown a photo of them for the second time accurately at the age of 32. But this happens 9 years after your peak ability to remember unfamiliar names.


On an average, Nobel Prize winners tend to make their big discoveries at the age of 40.

National Bureau of Economic Research conducted a study and concluded that Nobel Prize winners did their best work at 40. The study authors extend their conclusion to establish that even if you’re winning a Nobel Prize, the best professional work you do will be at age 40.

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The ability to understand others emotionally is the best in your 40s and 50s.

For this study, scientists gathered 10,000 people and showed them photos of subjects cropped only to show their eyes. It was then discovered that people who were in their 40s and 50s could understand the emotional troubles of the subjects just by looking at their eyes.


Arithmetic skills are the best at the age of 50.

Maybe this is why so many people grow up hating maths because the age you get good at it is 50. That means that our teachers were always right about the subject: you need to keep practicing.

The Telegraph

As it turns out, people do get wiser with age.

A team of psychologists asked people to look at a conflict and analyze it. The team further analyzed their responses that included understanding things from another person’s perspective, considering different outcomes and making peace with certainty. They found that the age group between 60 to 90 did the best.


People are most likely to take big decisions when their age ends with a 9.

Approaching a round-number age can be a scary experience. These researchers found that people take big decisions when their age ends with a 9. Maybe it is because of the fear of getting old?


Age isn’t just a number, is it?