In a rather bizarre medical phenomenon, an infant born in Maharashtra’s Mumbra region was discovered to be ‘pregnant’ with his twin brother, at the time of his birth. This is a rare case, where only 200 such occurrences have been recorded around the world, and it’s called Fetus in Fetu.


Dr Thorat of Bilal hospital, Mumbra, told DailyMail, that he noticed the abnormality during a routine scan. When the baby was delivered 9 days after the scan, the doctor found ‘another newborn’ in the baby’s abdomen. “I could see the bones of the upper and lower limbs of the foetus,” Dr Thorat reportedly said. He even spotted a tiny head with a brain inside, minus any skull bone.


Quite surprised by the parasitic nature of this twin, the doctor moved the infant to a different hospital in Thane. Over there, they performed a surgery to get rid of the 150g of the baby inside the newborn. Post-surgery the baby is reported to be ‘doing well’ and that the mother will begin feeding him soon.


Such cases are generally dangerous for the hosts since both babies get their nutrition from the same umbilical cord. It’s a miracle that this infant from Mumbra has survived this rather rare phenomenon.