Disclaimer: Please do not try these at home. Or anywhere else.

The internet is full of trends that go viral for no reason whatsoever.

Here are some of the weirdest challenges that took the internet by storm. And exposed the collective 2-digit IQ of those who accepted them.

1. The KiKi Challenge

The KiKi challenge or InMyFeelings challenge is making people jump out of their cars and dance to Drake’s latest song, In My Feelings.

It all began when American comedian Shiggy posted a video of the same on the internet. While this sounds fun, it has led to people being run over, getting severely injured and in some countries, you could even be jailed. Not so fun anymore.


2. The 1-Finger Challenge

No one knows the origin of this absurd challenge but people believe it’s thanks to this anime drawing where a character stands in a pose where she’s covering her nipples and vagina using just one finger.


This created a frenzy on the internet and women started posting their pictures on the internet imitating the same. 


3. The Tide Pod Challenge

The tide pod challenge is definitely one of the most dangerous challenges to have surfaced on the internet. These colourful, squishy detergent capsules smell really nice and look like toddler-bait toys. 

But it was astonishing to see how many adults and teenagers were putting this poisonous and highly toxic detergent in their mouths.


4. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Kylie’s full lips have always been a subject of discussion but what made it go out of hand was when girls all over the world started trying to copy her look.

Instead of trying to fake it with makeup, girls started using the suction of a small glass around their lips. This causes extreme pain and the possibility of having bloody and bruised lips is very high.


5. Fire Challenge

One of the most dangerous challenges to ever surface on the internet, where people would apply inflammable liquid on their bodies and then light that part on fire. This craze got so out of hand that people ended up in hospitals with severe burns.


6. Condom Challenge

The Condom Challenge is a combination of two separate challenges because apparently, stupidity should have variety. One is where a person snorts a condom (read: unused) through their nasal cavity and then into the back of their throat. The other one consists of filling a condom with water and then putting it on one’s head, enveloping it. Both challenges pose a lot of danger and cause choking. 

7. A4 Waist Challenge

This disturbing challenge originated in China where women were holding up a sheet of A4 paper against their waists, showing off how skinny they are. This led to a craze on the internet where women from all over the world started posting pictures with the hashtag #A4WaitChallenge. 


8. The Cinnamon Challenge

In this challenge, a person is supposed to eat a spoonful of ground cinnamon in under 60 seconds without drinking anything. 

Cinnamon poses a lot of danger to one’s health and can lead to choking and, in extreme cases, a collapsed lung. Clearly, common sense has gone for a six.


9. The Alcohol Challenge

Also known as the Neknominate Challenge, this is an online drinking game where a person drinks a pint of an alcoholic drink, usually beer in one go and then nominates another person to do so. This trend got out of hand when people started drinking more potent beverages and indulging in dangerous activities during or after the challenge. 

Alcohol poisoning is a real thing and around 5 deaths were reported which were directly linked to this ‘trend’.


10. The Collarbone Challenge

If the world didn’t have enough body-shaming trolls already, this challenge just added on to it. People posted pictures of themselves balancing a row of coins on their collarbone to prove how ‘sexy’ and skinny they are.


Don’t be this gullible. Think before you accept another bizarre Internet challenge.