Google can do much more than display a list of the places which serve cheap Italian food. The coders, when they get creative, hide a few gems, that one can find only when one speaks the secret words. 

1. You can count the caloric content of your favourite foods.

b’Source: Google’

2. Split a bill and calculate the tip that each person needs to pay.


3. Play the hidden game, Zerg Rush.

Just search for Zerg Rush and prevent the 0s from taking over your screen.


4. Google lets you convert numbers and set timers.

b’Source: Google’

Image Source: Google

5. Play Atari’s Breakout.

Search for Atari Breakout on Google Images and let that deadline slip away.

b’Source: Google Images’

6. View art from galleries all over the world

Google Art Project lets you explore view super definition photos of artworks form over 600 international art galleries. 

Google Art Project

7. Speak secret languages.

You can actually change your default language to Klingon, Bork bork bork!, and many more.

b’Source: Google’

8. Search for “do a barrel roll” will spin the page.

b’Source: Google’

9. Search for “google in 1998” time travel to a retro Google.

Pure retro html glory.

b’Source: Google’

10. The secret game when the Internet connection is not available.

It is baffling just how many people still do not know about this game!

b’Source: Chrome’

11. Input handwriting for translation.

What do you do when you’re in China and cannot tell what that Kanji character means? Google Translate lets you draw the character and you can get its English equivalent.

b’Image Source: Google Translate’

12. Solve geometrical shapes.

Math homework just got easier as Google lets you input the numbers and it blurts out the answer. Your A grade just is a few clicks away.

b’Source: Google’

13. Generate graphs.

Google also creates graphs. You just need to input the problem.

b’Source: Google’

14. Google Ngrams shows how many times a word appears in books across years.

With Google’s Ngram, you can search more than 5 million books published between 1800 and 2008 to find out how often different words were used. If you search for cats and dogs, you’ll see that dogs were more popular than cats.

b’Source: Google Ngram’

15. “Askew” will blur and tilt the page.

It feels like Google is tripping.

b’Source: Google’

16. Explore and play the entire catalogue of Google’s doodles.

Did you miss out on a doodle or want to view it again? Google stores and lets you browse the entire catalogue of the amazing doodles from as early as 1998.

Google Doodles

17. Search for “blink html” to make the words ‘blink’ and ‘html’ blink in the search results.

b’Source: Google’

18. Find an in-browser version of PAC-MAN.

Just search for “PacMan 30th anniversary” and play the classic.

b’Source: Google’

19. Journey through Middle-Earth.

To commemorate the release of the Hobbit trilogy, Google lets you travel from Shire to Mordor with Google Earth.

b’Source: Google Earth’

20. Explore Mars with Google Earth.

To celebrate the second anniversary of the Curiosity rover touching down on Martian soil, Google has snuck in 3D explorable version of Mars into Maps.

b’Source: Google Maps’

And you thought that Google was not cool enough!