With so many deals and options to choose from, eating at a fast food joint becomes tricky at times.

Large fries with small coke or medium coke with small fries are doubts we all have!


But what if we told you that small, medium and large is just an illusion to trick you into believing that you have a choice while ordering.

Well, at least this viral video seems to suggest the same. 

A Houston guy recently posted a video where he pours a liquid in three cups of different sizes and finds that they all contain the same amount.

The video has gone viral on the internet with some people calling it an ‘illusion’, while others affirming that it is true that food joints pull this trick on us.

To prove that it wasn’t an illusion, the guy posted another video where he pours the liquid from the large to small cup, showing that both can contain the same amount.

While the mystery around the trick remains, I have already started feeling betrayed.