Remember school? Of course you do. Books, teachers, knowledge, education, friends, enemies etc. It all goes back to those days. I’m sure there are some of you who are still in school and reading this. Get off the Internet and go study! 

As for the rest of us, there were certain things all of us were taught in school. Stuff we believed to be hard fact. While most of that remains true, there were some facts there were disproved and/or are false now.


Here’s a list of 16 such facts:

1. It has more to do with the movement of the cloth by the matadors.

2. They do you use sonar, but they can see too.

3. He actually saw it falling to the ground while thinking about the forces of nature.

4. It’s just a saying, the fact is that it most likely does strike the same place twice during a heavy storm. 

5. No, drinking alcohol and then swimming is.

6. The Vikings came way before he did.

7. Scientist believe they change colour to reflect their mood.

8. When asked, he laughed and said no.

9. Scientists say that we may have 21!

10. It was actually just Morse code for emergency. We just started assuming it meant “save our souls”.

11. Your body’s core temperature can actually plummet significantly in the cold.

12. Astronauts have confirmed that no man-made structure is visible from that high up.

13. They actually sweat through their footpads.

14. It is actually a perennial herb that is really very strong and has “pseudo-stems”. 

15. It doesn’t change density, color or growth. Just gives it a blunt tip which makes it appear thick.

16. It’s the skin that recedes and decays making it look like the other stuff is growing.

Well, so much for knowledge. Who knows, maybe these will be proven false after a few decades as well?