While nobody can predict how they’re going to die (you don’t fool us, psychics), we all still have thoughts of how it could happen. Most often it’s by things we fear the most: fire, deep water, snakes, Teletubbies. But what if death starts to get really creative?

For these poor souls, death had some really cruel tricks up its sleeve. 

Presenting, some of the most ironic deaths in history.

1. Chrysippus

This chap from ancient Greece was a clever philosopher. And it was his wit that killed him. According to Diogenes Laertius, a biographer, Chrysippus died laughing at his own joke. 

2. Richard Versalle

This famous Operatic tenor died performing at the New York Metropolitan Opera. His last lines? “Too bad you can only live so long.”


Jerome drowned while at a pool party celebrating the first summer season with zero drownings. The party was full of 100 lifeguards.


Gary was demonstrating how windows in skyscrapers could never break and that they were completely safe. To prove his point, he flung himself against one of them, only to fall to his death. In his defense, the windows did not break, but the window frame came off.


The owner of Segway, accidentally drove his segway to the edge of a 50 feet cliff and dropped dead.


This married couple waited 14 years to have sex and then died due to heart attack during orgasm.


7. Vladimir Likhonos

A chemistry student, Vladimir liked to dip his bubblegum in citric acid as he liked it sour. One day, he accidentally dipped the gum in an explosive powder that blew his jaw off.


An ardent hockey fan met her maker when a hockey puck hit her during a match in Columbus, Ohio.


Jennifer participated in a radio station challenge called “Hold Your Pee for a Wee”. Excess water in her body caused her organs to swell up which eventually killed her.


William, a clown in Cincinnati, died swinging on another clown’s feet in a circus.


What he considered to be a safe hobby of flying radio-controlled planes was what killed him eventually. When Roger couldn’t see the plane in the glaring sun, it struck and killed him.


Marvin Gaye

After attempting and surviving three suicide attempts, Marvin Gaye was shot by his father who used the gun Marvin gifted him.


13. Jim Fixx

The author of the bestselling book, The Complete Book of Running, died during his daily run on Route 15 in Hardwick, Vermont.


 14. Jessica Ghawi

This was indeed a cruel plot by providence. Jessica was a fresh-of-the-press news broadcaster who narrowly escaped a mass shooting in Toronto in June 2012. One month later, she was killed in the infamous mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado.


The man who gave the world, the epic Christmas track Last Christmas left everyone in tears when he died on Christmas.


Famously called as the Grizzly Man, Timothy loved bears and he thought he understood them. But the bears did not think so. One summer while camping, a bear attacked and killed Timothy and his girlfriend. A camera on site with the lens cap still, recorded their screams as the bear mauled them.


While she said “no no no to Rehab” in her famous song, what got her in the end was alcohol poisoning.


The Fast and Furious superstar died in his Porsche which hit a concrete lamp post and exploded. He had once said: “If one day speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling.”


 19. Steve Irwin

This famous conservationist died while filming Ocean’s Deadliest when a stingray attacked him in the chest with its tail.


20. Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov

This Russian woman lay in her open coffin when she suddenly woke up shocked to find herself there. The shock caused a heart attack that killed her.


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