Just like our zodiac sign gives us certain personality traits that determine how we behave in our personal sphere, they can also tell the kind of drunk people we become after downing a couple of drinks. 

Here’s the kind of drunk person you’re most likely to be, according to your zodiac sign. 

1. Aries

Whether it’s drinking or just life, go big or go home is the motto they live by. Always up for some fun, the first ones to suggest playing truth and dare and also the first ones to start yapping insensitive things (not always, but most likely). An Aries might be the best drinking buddy, but they will spout nonsense after a couple of pints and there’s no stopping them then. 


2. Taurus

The rockstars of any party, Taureans keep everyone entertained with their lame jokes and goofy antics. They’ll make sure everyone gets enough alcohol and have a gala time. But when they get smashed out of their wits, they will succumb to clumsiness and may hurt a few people on their way out. 


3. Gemini

If you’re fishing for some gossip or want state secrets revealed and your source happens to be a Gemini, just take them out for a few drinks. Geminis love talking and they’ll talk to anyone with ears. While they might get a little annoying, they mean well. It’s imperative that you down a few drinks before you engage with a Gemini.  


4. Cancer

Once they start drinking, they might not stop anytime soon. A few drinks down, their emotions take a hold of them. From love to regret, they’ll express every emotion they have been feeling. But that doesn’t affect their A-game one ounce. They’ll flirt with anyone they fancy and this might lead to some bad decisions, the ones that seem regrettable in the morning. 


5. Leo

With a little bit of alcohol, some great music, and potential suitors spread across the room, Leos are a party in themselves. They know how to handle their drinks and how to spend their drunken nights quite well. They’ll flirt with almost everyone, but they’ll do it without offending anyone. Because who can ever escape the charm of a Leo, right? 


6. Virgo

While they are usually cautious about where they are, who they are with and what they say, a few drinks down, they will tell you some of the best stories. They will keep drinking until the party stops. And then some more. But they will never be too drunk to handle themselves. If you’re hanging out with a Virgo, expect expletives galore after about an hour. 


7. Libra

If you’re looking for a Libra in the party, you better check who’s throwing up in the bathroom. Libras, though the life of a party, are quite heavy drinkers. They will drink, make merry, fall a couple of times, get up, and fall again, until they pass out. While you can’t trust them to be your driver for the night, they will make sure that you have a spectacular time with them. 

Fernanda Familiar

8. Scorpio 

When they are not drunk, they are slaying it with their witty comebacks. So, one can only imagine how they would be when they’re a few drinks down. They will cut you with their sharp sarcasm, and they will not leave any stone unturned in their mission to embarrass you. So if you’re drinking with a Scorpio, we suggest you Google some witty one-liners. It’ll help. 


9. Sagittarius

Looking for a spontaneous drinking partner who will gulp down gin and tonic with you at your behest? Find yourself a Sagittarius. Not only are they up for drinking anytime, they are also great fun to be drinking with. They will be the first on the dance floor and the last one out. And they’re all about entertainment.


10. Capricorn

You’ll never see them drunk, you’ll never see them throwing up and you’ll never see them making a complete fool out of themselves. Capricorns are by far the classiest drinkers there are. They either drink below their known limit or they drink a copious amount and know how to deal with themselves. All in all, not such a bad drinking buddy. 


11. Aquarius

Have you ever met an Aquarius? They don’t have a care in the world and they live to make every moment happening. A few pegs down, they will get all cutesy on you, but don’t fall for it. However, with an Aquarian, you can be sure of one thing – you’re not going to get bored at all.


12. Pisces

They’re the kind who’ll become best friends with the person they met 5 minutes ago. They will either go batshit crazy on the alcohol and puke their guts out. Or they’ll just keep sipping on their one drink. However, once a little tipsy, they will do anything you dare them to. In a party, they’ll be the one pushing everyone to do shots. Well, mostly. 


So, what kind of a drunk person are you?