You don’t need me to tell you that smoking can kick your lungs’ asshole. We’ve all seen enough warnings at the start of movies to last a lifetime. What a lot of us don’t consider while picking up the next pack is just how much it’s all adding up to – pocket wise. The amount you spend on smokes builds up to a pretty penny over the days, weeks and years.

Suppose you smoke 10 cigarettes a day.

That means the amount you spend every day on cigarettes is – 

Now, instead of spending that money on smokes, you could get – 

Take a look at your savings in a week.

With that kinda dough, you could get – 

You actually start seeing some decent money when you look at your monthly savings. Say it with me – savings baby!

Cutting out the smokes for a month, you can get – 

And if you don’t smoke for a year, then damn, you’re in the money!

And there’s a whole lotta bling you can get for that kinda cash.

Save your money… and your lungs.

Designs by Vineet Kumar