Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls was our childhood exposure to thrill-seeking and adventure. We loved watching the show, but how many of us really remember the cool survival tricks shown? 

Well, this Australian mother-son duo just survived 10 days lost in the Australian bush by employing techniques they learnt from his shows.


According to Daily Mail, Michelle Pittman, 40, and her son Dylan, 9, went bush walking in the NSW Hunter Valley on October 2 but lost track of the way back. 

A massive search operation was carried out and they were found after 10 days!

In the meanwhile, in a desperate need to survive, Michelle and his son fell back on tricks from Bear Grylls’ shows. According to the police, they might not have survived had it not been for the show.


The duo didn’t lose hope and did commendable things. They licked moisture off of plants to stay hydrated and sourced water by digging up dried creeks. 

They replaced their shoes with reeds and shaped leaves as cups to aid them in using water from a nearby rock pool. 

To make sure they did not get lost, they tied grass around trees to mark their place.

They survived just on water and were dehydrated and famished when they were finally rescued. The terrain can be really unforgiving, however, they managed with just scratches and insect bites. 

Michelle and Dylan have been taken to Singleton Hospital to receive treatment for dehydration and insect bites.

Ms. Pittman reported encountering a snake on one of the days. She has been hospitalized for recovery, however, the son is healthy and does not need the same.

NSW Police Inspector Joanne Schultz told 7 News, “They’re both very well, obviously very relieved, very hungry but otherwise they’re quite good.”

What they did was really impressive and shows how the human body can do amazing things when the need arises! Do you think you can pull something like this off?