Its been 20 years but people’s love for Titanic isn’t going down any time soon. Every scene of the movie has undoubtedly touched hearts, but I’m sure this one scene is etched clearly in all our memories.


Yes, the heartbreaking scene of the old couple hugging each other, refusing to let go in what they know are their last moments. 

Well, turns out this sad death has a real life story behind it, an epic tale of love and romance. It depicts the love story of the Strauses, who chose to stay together while the ship sank.

Isidor and Ida Straus were first class passengers on the Titanic.


Isidor Straus, the co-owner of Macy’s, was a well-reputed man. He was also a congressman for the Democratic party, thus pretty influential too.


The couple, who had been married for 41 long years when the ship sank, were returning from a holiday in France. 

Enjoying the trip together in their fancy cabin, they couldn’t have anticipated the tragedy in their wildest dreams.


As we have seen in the movie, women were the first preference for life boats and Ida, being a first class passenger, immediately got a spot. However, when Isidor took her to the boats, she refused to leave his side.


Eventually, even Isidor received a spot on one of the lifeboats but according to eye-witnesses he turned it down as he “would not go before other men.”

Ready to sacrifice his life, Isidor urged his beloved to get on a boat again. Ida, too, not willing to let go of her love, allegedly said, “We have been living together for so many years. Where you go, I go.”

Big-hearted Ida gave her spot to her maid, Ellen Bird. Reportedly, they were last seen on the deck of the ship holding each other.

While the scene is slightly different in the movie, they die the same way, holding each other, not letting go.

In fact, even the exact scene was shot but later deleted from the movie. This is how it panned out.

Too beautiful for words.