Having been born in India, it is inevitable that we’ve all heard the famous phrase “Paise ped par nahi ugte.”

But guess this phrase doesn’t apply to the people posing with wads of cash, expensive cars and expensive dresses on the Instagram account Rich Kids of Albania

Are those hashtags the only thing you learnt at school?

We all know that’s your dad’s, dude!

Didn’t anyone tell you about credit cards?

How lonely are you? 

You know that look? That’s the cat asking ‘WTF’?

Alexander Graham Bell is crying in his grave.

 Somebody tell him that he can’t drive the car on water.

 Trying to think deep. No thoughts coming.

 Logic just took a backseat.

This is what happens when you have just too much free time.

Even the tiger is bored of your nonsense.

Yeah, well, there’s one thing you have that these people don’t – a life!