Be it on road trips, house parties, or even when it comes to inventing drinking games, UNO has been one game that has easily jumped from our childhood to adulthood.

However this game, that has probably even lead to broken friendships in some cases, is apparently not being played in the right way.

Yes, you read that right. 

A woman, LaToya McCaskill Stallings, revealed in a Facebook post that the correct way of playing UNO, according to that lengthy instruction manual, is different from how we’ve been playing it all these years. 


Guess there is more use to that instruction manual than swatting the next player with it. 

Her post reveals that the ‘Draw 4’ card that most of us have sprung on unsuspecting friends more times than we can count can ONLY be used when a player has no other card left to play with!

So no, disliking a person is not the right reason to bring out that card. 

Further, if you use the card in any other circumstance and someone calls you out on it, you have to draw the four cards yourself. Ouch! 

You can read the actual post here: 

Now don’t forget this rule when you play next.