If the world has become a smaller place, a major reason for it has to be airplanes!

Flights have made travelling to various places around the world so much more easier and convenient. From fancy airports to the possibility of reaching your destination fast enough, everything is fabulous about the aviation industry, right? Not to forget the in-flight service. With flight attendants serving passengers in the best way possible, you can’t not love flying!

However, as passengers, there are various things we do not know about travelling in a plane. Amidst all the glamour, there are some secrets which people from the aviation industry will never tell you. 

Here 13 things about an airplane that the airline would never, ever tell you:

1. Not all minor failures are repaired immediately.

A plane never takes off even if there’s a slight issue. There is an entire process that takes place before takeoff to ensure complete safety. However, there are various probabilities of minor failures in the plane but as long as they aren’t entirely serious, they’re overlooked to avoid flight delays.


2. Locks on your luggage don’t protect your bag. 

That lock on your zipper is useless as it can be easily broken by a pen or a pencil, permanently damaging the zipper as well. 


3. You can raise the aisle and window seat arm-rests.

There’s a small button hidden near the base of the armrest that allows you to raise it. However, you aren’t permitted to do so during take-off and landing. 

b’Source: stackexchange’

4. Want to buy cheap tickets? In most cases, tickets are less expensive on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

And you thought the only way to get cheaper tickets is to book them way in advance. BTW, that is also not true! 


5. To avoid food-poisoning, the captain and co-pilot are fed differently. 

This is because if one gets sick, the other one is available to operate the plane.


6. The real reason behind the ban on smoking is not what you think!

We always assume that smoking is prohibited because it could cause fire. Actually, the air on board is constantly filtered, and resins and smoke wear out the equipment faster.


7. Waiting to report missing luggage is never a good idea. 

Most airlines will require passengers to file a report within a very short time period and missing it could result in your claim being denied.


8. If you do not pay extra to book your choice of seat, you’ll be given the worst one, even if better ones are available. 


9. Think before you order a coffee because no one washes the container that goes out every morning.

No matter how neatly you’re being served, the station agents who get paid way too little do not bother to clean it every time. 


10. To get maximum passengers, airlines actually throw in more seats, resulting in minimum leg room.

So it is not as comfortable as it was before and won’t getter better for the economy class any time soon.


11. Most flights overbook their seats to avoid losses from no shows. But passengers are still charged for not showing up!

They do not risk anything for the last moment and also makes sure to put an extra charge on everything.


12. Selective treatment is real. Do not mess with the flight attendant the next time you ask for something.


Thank us later!